Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Severity and Priority

Severity is the measure as to what extent the defect is harmful for the application on the other hand Priority is releated as to which defect the tester wants the dev team to fix first.

A defect say a spelling error in the application is a cosmetic defect but if that occur on all the screens of the UI then that makes it a high priority so this is an example of High priority and low severity.

A system crash is an example oh high severity but suppose that occurs when user click a button and the usage of that too is very low so there is no urgency to fix it now so this is an example of low priority and high severity.
Priority - Priority is the order in which developer has to fix the bug.
Severity - Severity is how seroisly the bug is impacting the application.

High Priority & High Severity: A show stopper error which occurs on the basic funcationality of the application . (Eg. A site maintaing the student details on saving record if it doesn't allow to save the record then this is high priority and high severity bug.)
High Priority & Low Severity: The spell mistakes that happens on the cover page or headin or title of an application.
High Severity & Low Priority: The application generates a show stopper or system error (for which there is no workaround) but on click of link which is rarely used by the end user.

Low Priority and Low Severity: Any cosmetic or spell issues which is with in a paragraph or in the report (Not on cover page heading title).

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