Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Introduction to Testing

Characteristics of Test Engineer
  • good communication and presentation skills.
  • he should pocess judgemental skills.
  • team work should be reqired.
Objectives Of Testing
  • conformance to the requirements.
  • Bug tracking and reporting
  • ensure all the defects are Fixed and Closed.
A good test is the one that has high propabulity of finding an undiscovered error

Benifits of testing
  • Time and resources are not wasted
  • end product is a quality product which intern leads to customer satisfaction.
Quality is defned as the justification of all the requirements and end user values.
Deviation from the expected value to the actual value of the application.
Bidding of project
It is defined as the initialization and estimation of the requirements and finally signing of the project. in the budding the client will handle all the requirement document to the CEO  or MD of the company.
Kick of Meeting
It is an official meeting which is held in software company handled by CEO  and MD and all the employiee will be partispating in the meeting
In this phase they will decide the project manager and handovers all documents to the project manager
Project In Initiation note, It is a mail which is circulated to the CEO and to the team members by project manager that they are installing of starting the project.
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